Learn to Fly in Dalton, GA.


On April 1st , 2017 at 10:00am, Unicoi Aviation will be conducting a seminar at the Dalton Municipal Airport located at 1936 Airport Rd., Dalton, GA 30721 (NOTE: if you use the official, published address of 4483 Airport Rd. SE, you will be close but you will not be able to go onto the actual airport). 706-259-2200

The seminar is free and will last for about one hour. Mark will provide an introduction to General Aviation and explain the flight training process. Lynn– soon to be Private Pilot – will discuss the experiences he has had during his flight training. Afterward, Mark and Lynn will be happy to answer questions.

On April 13th, 2017, Mark will begin a six week Private Pilot Ground School. Classes will be held at the Dalton Municipal Airport on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – starting time is to be announced. Each class will last about two and one-half hours.

The course will consist of a thorough discussion of all topics that someone needs as a knowledge base to be a private pilot. The course also prepares you for an FAA 60 question test – one of the main requirements for getting a Private Pilot License.

Topics included in the course will be aerodynamics, airport operations, meteorology, navigation, and many more.

Costs for the Private Pilot Ground School are as follows:

  • Books and materials,  $150.00 (or 2 for $285), plus applicable taxes

  • Course fee, $280.00 (or team of 2 for $500)

  • Fee for FAA exam (60 question test), $150.00 (estimated)

Note: Payment in full for books and materials and the course fee will be due no later than April 8th. You may take the FAA exam at your convenience within 60 days after completing the course– you pay for that exam the same day you take it.

A few items to consider…

  • Learning to fly is typically done ‘at your own pace’ and lessons are scheduled at your convenience. It typically takes from six months to one year for someone to complete the training.

  • The FAA requires 40 hours of flight time for a Private Pilot License. For many years, the national average has been around 65 hours, resulting in the total cost being more than what it really should.

  • It is realistic for someone to expect to pay around $10,000 for their flight training. However, the total time and money can be reduced mainly by flying at least twice per week.

  • During the seminar, Mark will be discussing some discount options that will help to make learning to fly more affordable.

  • It should be noted that learning to fly takes, time, effort, and dedication on the part of the student. You have to be willing to follow the advice of your instructor and devote time to studying. Once finished, the personal rewards are great!

  • It should also be noted that U.S. citizens are required to show proof of citizenship before flight training can begin. Non-U.S. citizens are required to go through a special process with the TSA.